Experience the Alaskan Frontier, the cowboy way.

We offer two packages to a accommodate adventurers from the grittiest of trailblazers to those looking for a rustic, relaxing vacation a little closer to the Home Ranch.

Two Very Different Experiences, One Amazing Time

From a true grit, cowboy frontier experience, to a close to home customizable adventure, we’ve got the experience you’re looking for.

Frontier Expedition

Trailblaze the Alaskan Frontier: Be a part of the founding expedition to establish the trail for our inaugural cattle drive in Delta Junction . Ride 5-10 miles per day through scenery like you’ve only dreamed about. Perfect for the adventurous, ages 12 & up!


Day Work

Looking for a shorter adventure? We’ve got the activity for you! Day rides are the perfect addition to your Alaskan Vacation. See beautiful Alaska Interior horseback, pick your destination, and our cowboys will create the perfect, short adventure for you!


Frontier Expedition:

Cattle Drive


For Adventurous Adults (8+) 
Ride 5-10 miles per day
Primitive Camping / Campfire Meals/Horseback Adventure
Fairbanks Airport Pickup
6 Days / 5 Nights

Drive Cattle and Explore the High Country of Alaskan

Experience the untouched wilderness of Alaska just like ol’ cowboys, you’ll sleep on a bedroll, eat around the campfire and take care of your horse from morning saddling to feeding at night.

Choose a week to cowboy your Cattle Drive Dream.

The Frontier Expedition is truly purposeful to our mission, cowpokes will be incorporated into the expedition through week-long cattle drives and backcountry pack camps. Expect saddle sores, inclement weather, Alaskan wildlife and scenery like you can’t imagine and the most incredible experience you could ever dream of.

Cattle Drives

Camp out on the trail at night, eat campfire cooked meals, and drive cattle to their destination. Cowboy bedroll, horse and tack provided.
Each Cattle Drive will be packed with adventure, activities, and drama. We don’t know what the Frontier holds.


Available Weeks:

June 13-19

June 27-July 3

July 11-17

July 25- 31

August 8-14:

August 22-28 (Adult Only Week)
– Kick back without the kiddos and have a couple local brewskis


Escape “Normal” Vacation Standards

Let us show you the Frontier and the time of your life. We are located in Delta Junction, Alaska, a very scenic hour and a half drive from Fairbanks airport

Your first full day will start with a brief orientation ride, it covers trail basics, emergency procedures, and horse particulars.
Once mounted up and trail bound the adventure begins. Alaska is known for its wild and unforgiving nature, be ready to hang and rattle. Enjoy the scenery and wildlife sightings as you ride through the hills, across the valleys and cross rivers. Make sure you remember to breathe, the views are breathtaking enough. 


What to Expect

You can expect many wildlife sightings; moose, caribou, buffalo, dall sheep, mountain goats, as well as numerous varieties of fish, and birds. Occasionally a glimpse of bears or wolves (at safe distances).

Saddles are fitted to the cowpoke as well as possible. Saddle sores are a right of passage, a trophy of a long days work in the saddle. Each saddle will have saddle bags with limited space for raingear, a change of clothes, and that day’s lunch. Other personal belongings can be kept in the chuckwagon and delivered at the next night’s camp.

Cowpokes bedroll will be packed to the next frontier campsite. Dinner will cook over a campfire, songs will be sung, bs will be spread. Breakfast at daybreak comes early this time of year in Alaska, the sun hardly sets. Eat breakfast and be on your way to more frontier expeditions and one day closer to those saddle sores we were telling you about. 

We encourage cowpokes a hands-on experience with horses from catching them in the morning to saddling them and feeding them at night. Other hands-on ranch experiences can be expected but varies depending on the week (see descriptions above).

Cowpoke Hygiene

Now that you’ve made it this far I’m sure you’re wondering about a bathroom and shower. Now let me ask you this, do you think John Wayne showered more than 2 times a month? Baths will be drawn and heated in a hillbilly hot tub. Cowpokes don’t have good hygiene, cowpoke rule #12. Bathrooms are your tree of choice, toilet paper provided dependent upon pandemic demand. 

Getting Started


For Adults Age 8 & Over
6 Days / 5 Nights
Check-in: Sunday / Check-out: Saturday
No Activities Day of Departure & Arrival
30% Deposit – Refundable Through May 10th
Subject to 15% Gratuity

$2750 / person

Children 6-12 $1500
Children 5 & under FREE

Couple Discount- 10%
Military Discount- 10%

The Fine Print

We take all levels of riders out on the frontier, however, you must be able to ride for potential extended periods. Hanging out at camp is not an option. You are expected to complete the expedition as a member of the crew.  We are riding out in the unknown, with no mounting blocks available, therefore you must be able to mount your horse from the ground without assistance or bribe someone for a leg up.  Unless you ride regularly, you WILL be sore! (But it’ll be oh, so worth it.)

If you are not willing to hang and rattle (or cowboy up) and  you have doubts about being able to complete the requirements of the cattle drives, please know that you are always welcome at The Great Alaskan Cattle Drive for a regular ranch stay. Learn about our Cow Camp package, above.

Rider Requirements

Riding is physically demanding, riders should be in good physical condition.

All riders must be a min of 8 years old at time of travel.

Riders cannot exceed 270 lbs. 

Riders who are unable to mount unassisted from the ground may not be eligible for frontier rides.

It is the guest responsibility to disclose any prohibiting medical conditions and consult with their doctor prior.

Riders, staff and horses safety will always be our first priority.

Riding boots are required for all riders.

What To Bring

We will provide you with a horse, tack, ‘cowboy’ bedroll (a 3” mattress made up with sheets, blankets and wrapped in a canvas tarp), all the scrumptious campfire/dutch oven cooking you can hold, and as much creature comforts as we can pack into our saddle bags!

You just need to worry about bringing your clothes, riding gear, a good pair of riding boots and a spirit of adventure and survival.

Once you book your adventure, we’ll send you a complete packing list.

Day Work

Three Types Available For the Adventurous, Ages 6 and Up!

45 minute tour:
Departs at 9, 11 & 1

1.5 hour ride:
Departs at 10, 12:30 & 3

3 hour ride:
Departs at 10 & 1:30

Take a Day Ride in the Alaskan Wilderness

Looking for a shorter adventure? We’ve got the activity for you! Day rides are the perfect addition to your Alaskan Vacation.
See beautiful Alaska Interior horseback, pick your destination, and the cowboys will provide ride options based off of your expectations and what you want to see.
For example, take a 3 hour ride up to Bluff Cabin Lake, explore the ranch or help us herd cattle during a shorter ride. The possibilities are endless.

If our regular times don’t work for you or your group, a customizable time can be arranged, consult us here, we’re happy to help!


Cancellations must be made within 24 hours of booking to receive a full refund. Customers will also receive a full refund in case of operator cancellation due to weather or other unforeseen circumstances. Contact us by phone to inquire about a cancellation or to reschedule.

Rider Requirements

Riding is physically demanding, riders should be in good physical condition.

All riders must be a min of 6 years old.

Riders cannot exceed 270 lbs. 

It is the guest responsibility to consider the risk options and consult with their doctor prior to engaging in day ride activities.

Riders, staff and horses safety will always be our first priority.

Riding boots or sturdy shoes are required for all riders.

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