Great Alaskan Cattle Drive
Summer 2023

Saddle up & hang on for the ride of your life.

Join us as we drive cattle through the Alaskan wilderness.
Spots to participate in the Cattle Drive are now available. Please contact us for more information

Available Dates

May 29- June 3
June 5- June 10 
June 12- June 17
June 19- June 24 
June 26- July 1
July 3- July 8 
July 10- July 15
July 17- July 21
July 24- July 29


Weeks limited to 10 guests. Email for availability. 


Be a Part of History

For those who have true grit, step back in time with us for a cattle drive across the Alaskan frontier.

Never done before, The Great Alaskan Cattle Drive is a journey of 100 cattle, traveling 400+ miles. Navigating through rugged Alaskan terrain to advocate for increased local food production. Currently, 95% of food consumed in Alaska is barged up from the lower 48. The cattle drive is set to take place the summer of 2023.



The Great Alaskan Cattle Drive is an agritourism business with the mission to further agriculture development within the state. 

 Guests will ride horseback, camp in the wilderness, and experience the life of a cowboy on the Final Frontier. 

An experience like none other because there’s nothing like it.

Not a Guest Ranch, your role is important in accomplishing our mission. You’re not playing a cowboy, you’ll have the opportunity to become one while you’re facing the frontier. 

Not luxurious nor relaxing, the cattle drive will consist of work, long days and inclement weather at times, but will be a life changing challenge. Join us in the making of our history. 

What To Expect

What You’ll See

We have camp locations near to the Alaskan Pipeline, you’ll be able to see long stretches rolling through the hills. We’ll pass by the granite mountains, impeccable peaks, rolling waters and Salmon streams.

Throughout your ride keep an eye out for moose, caribou, bears, coyotes, fox, buffalo, horned-owls, rabbits, etc.. There are lots of opportunities to see/ encounter Alaskan wildlife. 

Accommodations on the Trail

We will provide you with a horse, tack, ‘cowboy’ bedroll, all the scrumptious campfire/dutch oven cooking you can eat, and as much comfort as we can pack into saddle bags! Bathrooms are the nearest tree and baths will be drawn once per week, in a hillbilly hot tub.

You just need to worry about bringing your clothes, a pair of good boots and a spirit of adventure and survival. 

The Fine Print

This is probably not a good fit for beginner riders or those looking for immense amenities. The Cattle Drive will be as rustic as they come. 

At times the weather can be trying, unpleasant, and change at the drop of a hat. Some days the sun makes you feel like you’re on a beach, others are cloudy and weary. We start early, days are long in the summer and the sun never really sets. We will try to be at camp by afternoon.

Each day’s ride can be between five and ten miles a day depending on the location and proximity to water. You can expect to be in the saddle for extended hours a day. While on the Frontier, you MUST be able to RIDE your horse and steer away from obstacles, and chase strays down from time-to-time. Therefore you must be able to control speed and direction of your horse. (Our Wranglers can assist you too, do not worry.)

Cowpoke Hygiene

Now that you’ve made it this far I’m sure you’re wondering about a bathroom and shower. Now let me ask you this, do you think John Wayne showered more than 2 times a month? Baths will be drawn once per week and heated in a hillbilly hot tub. Cowpokes don’t have good hygiene, cowpoke rule #12. Bathrooms are your tree of choice, toilet paper provided dependent upon pandemic demand. 

Rider Requirements

Riders must be in good physical condition.

All riders must be a min of 8 years old at time of travel.

Riders cannot exceed 270 lbs. 

Riders who are unable to mount unassisted from the ground may not be eligible for frontier rides.

Riding boots are required for all riders.

It is the guest responsibility to disclose any prohibiting medical conditions.



We take all levels of riders out on the frontier however, you must be physically fit & able to ride for potential extended periods. 

Hanging out at camp is not an option unless you are literally unable to ride.  No cowboys left behind on this cattle drive crew.

We are riding out into some unexplored, never seen before lands, therefore no mounting blocks will be available. Better hit those step-ups or bribe your Conrad for a knee up. Unless you ride regularly, you WILL hurt and be sore, guaranteed!

If you are not willing to bear pain and push through (cowboy up in western terms) and  you have doubts about being able to complete the requirements of the cattle drives, please know that you are always welcome at The Great Alaskan Cattle Drive for a regular, please contact us for special arrangements. 

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