About Us

With the mission to cultivate sustainable agriculture within the Frontier State, we are here to offer you an inside look into the Alaskan farming and ranching life.

How it All Began

From Elk-> Beef Production -> Agritourism:
Mugrage Hay & Cattle, our home ranch, works to efficiently produce quality beef and advocate for agriculture on the Alaskan Frontier.

Scott Mugrage & family moved to Delta Junction, Alaska after their son found an online real estate ad for turn-key beef, elk and hay operation. After consideration the family flew to Alaska to tour the farm. A few short weeks later U-Hauls were packed and the family was Alaska bound.

Since then the farm has seen tremendous growth and many changes throughout the years. The Father-Son farming duo has shifted away from elk production and concentrate on producing quality beef.

An Idea is Formed

Scott’s first trip to Palmer, Alaska taking fat beef to the processing plant came with a realization that he could drive cattle through those mountains. Family withdrew, doubting the idea, however when Monica Thornburg went to work for the ranch in 2020, she embraced the idea, seeing the massive potential.

Interview with Scott Mugrage

Learn about the idea and passion behind the Great Alaskan Cattle Drive, supporting sustainable agriculture, and Mugrage Hay & Cattle.

From Idea to Purpose

Owner, Scott Mugrage and cowboy, Monica Thornburg, both love agriculture, cattle, and the cowboy way of life. They see the Cattle Drive as a platform to advocate for Alaskan Agriculture and a way to drive change. Through the project they are pushing for agriculture infrastructure such as meat processing plants, railroad development, and grain markets, as well as agriculture policy change.

Why We Do What We Do

Statement of Purpose

We understand the journey will be hard, challenging, and trying.
We KNOW our God is bigger than any problem that arises.
We realize as Farmers, we are stewards of the land and possess the responsibility to care for the land our lives depend upon.
As Farmers, we are answering the call to advocate for our way of life.
To create a better understanding between farmer and consumer, and create a more sustainable food supply.
We will increase food production within Alaska, lessen outside shipment of food, and form a fresher food supply with less food waste & spoilage.
We will make the impossible happen, make dreams come true, and make a name for Alaskan Agriculture.

Our Mission

“Our mission is to increase food security and advocate for sustainable Alaskan agriculture.”
Alaska- The Last Frontier, has great potential for agricultural development.
We see the growth opportunity to feed the population within the state, with ‘Alaskan Grown’ food.
The Cattle Drive is to drive change in the agriculture industry, drive for policy changes, bring light to the need for an infrastructure and better the lives of the Alaskan population.

“The United States has lost more than 131,000 farms over the last three decades, with a 4 percent drop between 2007 and 2012 alone. The number of small farms in Alaska, however, jumped by 67 percent from 2002 to 2012.”

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Ride With Us

Become a part of the trail blazing expedition this summer, hang out at our cow camp or join us for the Great Alaskan Cattle Drive itself. We’re here to show you what agriculture and the cowboy way of life is like here in the Frontier State.


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