Experience the Ultimate Alaskan Vacation.

Join us on The Great Alaskan Cattle Drive: Now booking Guest Stays for 2021.

We’ll be navigating through rugged Alaskan terrain to advocate for sustainable Alaskan agriculture and creating a chance for people like you to experience The Final Frontier state like no one ever.

Saddle Up!

Discover what it takes to be a cowboy on the Alaskan Frontier through hands-on ranch experience.

This summer cowboys will navigate the wilderness to map the trail of the groundbreaking event. You can join us, click ‘Packages’ to learn more!

The summer of 2022, 100 cattle will make the 400+ mile journey across the state. Throughout the summer guests will be welcomed to ride alongside the cowboys, camp in the wilderness, enjoy campfire cooking and experience The Final Frontier state like no one ever. 

Guest spots will be available December 2021. 

Why We Do What We Do

Our Mission

“ Our mission is to increase food security and advocate for sustainable Alaskan agriculture.”
Alaska- The Last Frontier, has great potential for agricultural development.
We see the growth opportunity to feed the population within the state:

creating jobs,
stabilizing the food supply,
lessening food related transportation costs,
and creating a fresher food supply.

We’re driving for:
change in the ag system
 policy changes,
infrastructure development
and better the lives of the Alaskan population.

“The United States has lost more than 131,000 farms over the last three decades, with a 4 percent drop between 2007 and 2012 alone. The number of small farms in Alaska, however, jumped by 67 percent from 2002 to 2012.”
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Offering 3 Unique Experiences

A true grit, cowboy frontier experience, a vacation like none other. We’ve got the experience you’re looking for.

Frontier Expedition

Trailblaze the Alaskan Frontier. Choose from two, week-long packages: Cattle Drives. Ride 5-10 miles per day through scenery like you’ve only dreamed about. Perfect for mature kids and active adults!


Day Work

Looking for a shorter adventure? Day rides are the perfect addition to your Alaskan Vacation. See beautiful Alaska Interior horseback, pick your destination, and our cowboys will create the perfect, short adventure for you!


Our Guides

Your Expedition & Cow Camp Pardners
cattle drive adventure vacation


The Great Alaskan Cowboy
Broncs, bulls, stray cows, or knuckle head horses, Justin can handle them all. The Cowboy way of life has taken him to Wyoming, Colorado, Montana, Oklahoma, Texas and now Alaska!
“Not a lot of people get the opportunity to do something like this, I’m really excited and thankful… it’ll just be some cowpunchers pushing cows across some pretty wild country”
cattle drive adventure vacation alaska


Great Alaskan Guide
My name is Rosa, and I am thrilled to be joining the crew of The Great Alaskan Cattle Drive! My passion for cattle and agriculture started when I was young, hanging around my family’s dairy farm. I moved on to pursue a degree in Dairy Science, but have taken breaks along the way to work in cattle nutrition research, sales, and ranching!
I will always be a lover of cows and horses, and I will always try to learn something from every person I cross paths with. I am looking forward to an exciting and memorable 2021 season!


Great Alaskan Guide
I am beyond thrilled to be joining the team for The Great Alaskan Cattle Drive! I am a native of Louisville, Kentucky and have been riding horses since I was a kid. I spent the last four years in Colorado working on dude ranches, taking folks on horseback rides through the Rocky Mountains.
I am looking forward to my next adventure in the great Alaskan outback. I am really in my element when I am outside in nature and I am excited to expand my knowledge of the cattle industry and the agriculture of Alaska.


Great Alaskan Guide
Being Montana native , My passion for wilderness, mules, horses and cattle stem from a life dedicated to sustainable agriculture that has taken me all over the world to learn from cultural ways of farming and ranching. My passions are exploring vast wildernesses with my stock and broadening my cultural roots with traditional horsemanship, and stock manship and learning methods of ranching and farming that can sustain communities. Being a part of this cattle drive not only educates the world on Alaska’s food systems, and encourages knowledge to be more local in our 0ur
Personal resources. It’s a part of living history and above the love for adventure. I look forward to this 2021 season in the Last Best Place

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